Versatile Award

It is my first time this 2011 and this blog to have an award. I look at the meaning of versatile applied for a person it means "A Person Of Many Skills". I smile after i read it and of course i like awards. So I accepted it and i want to thank Roller Coaster Ride for this award.

Now there are rules that come with this award. The Rules to get this Award are simple:

* Thank and Link back to the person who awarded you the award.
* Share 7 things about yourself.
* Award 15, 5, other Bloggers.
* Contact these Bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 Things about Me

1. Emotional and easy to get hurt

2. Love to sing and play my guitar

3. Likes to help others

4. Likes outdoor activities

5. Friendly but not love to smile

6. Loves fruits and vegetables

7. Internet/blogging/shopping addict

I choose 5 bloggers to receive this award...Congrats!


jared's mum said...

wow, thanks so much mommy gen, am so touched by your gesture..will be posting about this on my blog so i can tag more mommies too, thanks again + have a great sunday^^

wifetoalineman02 said...

Thank you so very Mommy Genny, my ever first award. I am flattered to receive this award.

anne said...

Good for you that you know how to play a guitar. Visiting here through Bloggers Exchange.

Tina said...

Thanks so much for this lovely award.. lovely as in gwapa jud!

Bisdak diay pud ka Mommy Gene.. same diay ta. :)

arcee said...

congrats on the award! i am giving u "heavenly sight site" award. i just love it.
visiting thru TBE and already an old follower. see u around:)