Nathan's First Birthday Cake

Last February 1 was Nathan's first birthday. Hubby, Chris, myself, and Nathan are the one celebrating it since we cannot afford of a party beside hubby was on the diet eat veggies only. I make this small cake just for blowing and only Chris eat two slices of that cake. Then I told him to bring the cake to Chris school to giveaway. Nathan now is 1 year old...#54 Blog Photo Challenge.

Chris And Nathan

Just being nostalgia of my two kids that already growing up. In the picture my baby was 2 months old but now he will be 1 yr old this February 1 and my older son he will be 6 yrs old soon. Time flies so fast seems just yesterday but they really growing up. Anyway, i took this spring last year.

Scenic Sunday - Chris At The Lake

Friday afternoon we went to the lake and i took a lot of pictures there including the picture above. Chris love to play next to the water and i took a picture while his playing. The temperature that day was pretty cool so we like it. The lake at that time seems in a high tide because the water was next to the road. Anyway, lakes are just great place to stroll.

Link to: Scenic Sunday

The Three Boys

I want to share the pictures of the three boys in the house Daddy, Chris and Nathan. I took this picture yesterday when we stroll in the lake 20 miles from the house. As you can see if mommy was the one took a picture the baby really give a big smile that's why Nathan have a big one. Everybody have a pretty smile in that picture and i am glad to see them like that. Have a wonderful weekend.

Chris Going To School

In the picture above Chris was ready to go to school. He studied their in Carolina Adventist Academy kindergarten. The school started from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday -Thursday then Friday his school will end at 2pm. His daddy always get him from school since i have the baby and no driver license yet. Anyway, i am happy to have Chris and baby Nathan.