Nathan's Smile Facts

Few days ago i posted about Nathan's smile. He constantly making faces and smile. I am so happy that he seems to be responsive when i talk to him. He smiles a lot and often talk to me. I tried to take a video but i forgot to push the on button heehhe. Anyway, here is what i discovered online:
Baby smiles at 2-6 months
“Earlier is not better,” says Dr. Messinger. But you should see a doctor if your baby is not smiling by three months. Don’t push your little one to smile, but once she does, have fun with it. At two to three months, you’ll notice your baby starts to look right at you when she smiles. During this time period babies will increasingly respond to face-to-face interaction. Make funny faces to get your baby to laugh.

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Cielo of Brown Pinay said...

Our children's smile = one word = "PRICELESS"