Scenic Sunday

Hello everyone how are you? It is my first time to join Scenic Sunday participants to share some pictures. I wanted to share a picture that i took last two years ago. This was a mini golf that i like i saw this when we pass the mountains of NC. Why mini golfs are pretty? Hmm wonder why. Anyway, have a wonderful Sunday.

Scenic Sunday


EG Wow said...

Lovely view!

Lorac said...

I enjoy a game of mini golf too. That one looks fun!

Linnea said...

Yes, mini golf courses always do seem to have that whimsical, fantasy look to them. Thanks for stopping by at my SS. Enjoy the week.

Joyful said...

Mini golf is fun to play too ;-)

darly said...

your newest follower here via PMB, hope you follow me back.

Have a great week ahead :)

I Love Darly!
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Eden said...

Nice shot!

Thank you for the visit.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Hi Mommy!
add ko na ito sa blogroll ng boys blog ko. :)
Smart Boys


Living, Loving, Learning And Blogging said...

very nice shot.

pls visit my blogsite, too and follow..'m so new here kaya i only have 2 followers palang:( thanks

Kero said...

Hi Mommy Genny!

I grabbed you badge..

and I am also your latest follower on GFC.

Happy Tuesday!!....from